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Trinity Lutheran School does not exist by or for itself.
It is always an agency of Trinity Lutheran Church.

Our Mission

Trinity Lutheran Church maintains a Parochial School so that our children may receive a complete education; an education where the children receive solid academic training, good physical and social training , and spiritual guidance.  The school and home work as a team to follow God’s command, "Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit." (Matthew 28:19)
Students at Trinity are able to learn all of God’s truths, both physical and spiritual, in a wholesome Christian atmosphere, and come to appreciate what Christ has done for them and how important He is in their daily lives. 
We need leaders in our homes, businesses, governments, and churches who have the highest religious, moral, and academic standards. Trinity Lutheran School strives to educate our students to meet these objectives. 
Trinity Lutheran School serves the church and community in a unique way. The Christian home works with the Christian school to provide a Christ – centered total education for students. Christ is the Head of Trinity School and showers His blessings on the efforts of parents and teachers.
Trinity School strives to fulfill the following mission:
I.  To provide daily instruction in God’s Word enabling pupils:
  a. To find in Jesus Christ an all-sufficient Savior.
  b. To grow in love for their Savior and to express this love in every-day experiences with       their fellow man . 
  c. To Realize the requirements set by God for his people on earth. 
II. To aid the Christian home by:
  a. Training children in the virtues of Christian obedience, church life, and citizenship.
  b. Assisting parents in meeting the varied challenges of guiding children. 
III. To help in developing, for the community and nation, citizens who: 
  a. Recognize God as their source of all government. 
  b. Will use their talents in His service. 
  c. Find obedience to law and joy and participation in civic
 affairs beneficial to all people. 
IV. To provide the best academic and physical training possible so that pupils:
  a. Are prepared for further education and life after leaving our school.
  b. Have learned how to learn.
  c. Will recognize the importance of education in a democracy.
  d. Will recognize that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and will provide for its physical   needs.
 V. To develop in the pupils an awareness of the importance of a Christian education so that:
  a. When they become parents, will strive to provide this type of for their own children.
 VI. To encourage and prepare young people for church related professions.
 VII. To provide a Christ-centered environment for the growth of the total student.
 VIII. To increase the evangelism outreach of Trinity Lutheran Church and School.
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