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Trinity Lutheran School provides academic instruction in religion, reading, writing, handwriting, phonics, grammar, spelling, math, science, social studies, physical education, Spanish, computer technology, art, music, band and choir.  All of the teachers at Trinity are synodically trained, hold education degrees, and are licensed by the State of Minnesota.  Depending on the enrollment, the average class size changes and the maximum class size is 23 students for grades K-4 and 25 students for grades 5-8. Our teachers lovingly educate children, they reveal God’s handiwork in the order of creation, the complexities of mathematics, the gift of language, and the beauty of the fine arts.

Trinity provides an alternative for parents who want their children educated in a warm, Christian atmosphere by caring, committed Christian teachers. As It is our prayer that students develop and display the Christian morals and values, and grow in their faith in Jesus as their Savior from sin.




Parent / Student Login 

Here is where parents and students can login to Trinity Lutheran Schools online system to access the parent of student portal;  RenWeb is a hosted Moodle site which offers schools a hosted learning management system that's simple to manage and view student, faculty and course information.

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